When to hire a Richmond orthodontic

Orthodontics deals with the prevention, detection, and treatment of malalignment of the jaw and teeth (misaligned teeth) in children and adults. Proper orthodontic treatment not only guarantees a beautiful and aesthetic smile but also prevents the development of speech defects, malocclusion, tooth decay, diseases of the tooth structure and disorders in the temporomandibular joint.

When shaping a row of teeth, teeth can change the direction of growth due to various factors. The branch of dentistry that deals with the prevention, detection, and treatment of malpositions of the jaw and teeth (misaligned teeth) is called orthodontics. Richmond orthodontic examinations should be carried out regularly to avoid the disturbance of the tooth function and the entire jaw.

Indications for orthodontic treatment are usually:

Teethinghorizontal displacements of the upper jaw compared to the lower jawdeep biteopen bite

Richmond orthodontic treatment with fixed appliances is the most effective way to correct misaligned teeth. Fixed braces are devices that the orthodontist attaches to the teeth using the tooth adhesive technique. Its basic components are brackets, rings or tubes on the first permanent canine teeth and the wire arch that runs through the slot on the brackets and in this way develops a gentle force that in turn engages the teeth Moves towards a properly shaped dental arch by reshaping the bone tissue in which the tooth is embedded. Regarding the material from which they are made, the brackets can be made of metal or aesthetically – plastic, composite, Ceramic or sapphire. The type of brackets used during therapy depends on the patient’s wishes and the options that appear most appropriate.

Orthodontic treatment procedure

Orthodontic treatment is a complex process and consists of several stages:

Consultation visit to the orthodontist, where the doctor familiarises himself with the patient’s expectations and the condition of his teeth and teeth. A complete diagnosis based on a pantomogram or a cephalometric x-ray is carried out.The next step is the pre-appliance visit, where teeth are hygienic, impressions are taken for the diagnostic models, and pictures of the face and teeth are taken.Attachment of the braces (the device), i.e. attachment of the locks to the front and side teeth and attachment of the orthodontic arch.Stage of the inspection visits, in which the apparatus is adjusted, the arches, springs, and elastic connections are exchanged. Every visit to the doctor aims to guarantee the appropriate conditions for the teeth so that they can move to the predetermined location.Removal of the device – after completion of orthodontic treatment, the braces are removed.Hygiene of teeth for cleaning after orthodontic treatment.Fixation stage, which consists of the selection of a removable retainer and/or the attachment of a fixed retainer.

Richmond orthodontic offers you the smile you have always wanted! The correctly positioned teeth and an attractive smile can become a reality for children and adolescents as well as for adult patients. It is never too late to make a decision that will satisfy you!